PCB Baltic supplying printed circuits boards that fulfill specifications.

We also strive to make all deliveries on time with the appropriate quality since we consider each and every delivery to be a recommendation for future orders.

PCB Baltic cares about quality of PCB that is delivered to its customer. Special attention is paid to quality with 100% electrical testing, 100% final inspection for cosmetic defects, and a comprehensive pre shipment quality check audit on each printed circuit type manufactured.

Quality Control

With every delivery of printed circuit boards is bipacked a QUALITY CONTROL REPORT where the results of delivery controls is stated.

Mindaugas Trumpaitis is in charge of and responsible for Quality related issues.

Our Lithuanian team are able to deal direct with you on all issues from quotation, through engineering to purchase and delivery of PCBs. Our quality team in Lithuania and in China are always ready to assist with any issues.

Quality control center
Our staff in China office is involved in doing quality control of small and medium volumes orders too.

It enables us to shorten time to minimal for reproduction if order has been rejected straight in the country of origin and affords us an opportunity to save a lot of time and money both for us and our customers if such reject cases matters.
After quality control made orders are distributed directly to customers – either from China office or from local office in Vilnius (Lithuania).
Before we ship, at least one out of every 100 boards is meticulously controlled and rated for all important characteristics. This rating is done towards your specifications or alternatively IPC standards.
Below you will find an explanation to what is checked
 Hole diameter
Using the drill drawing all hole diameters are checked for correct size and whether plate/not plated.

The outline and other mechanical properties are controlled.

 Board thickness
The board thickness is measured.

Using a Caviderm the thickness of the plating is measured in around 10 holes evenly divided over board area. Plating thickness less than 20 my is not accepted. Mean value as well as Max and Min thickness is listed in the report.
 Solder mask
Control of the positioning and general appearance of the solder mask.

 Positioning of Pattern         
Control of pad Positioning in relation to hole.

Positioning, general appearance and readability of the print.

 Special prints
Positioning and general appearance.

General appearance.

 Line width
Control of the thinnest line to be within specification.

 Peel strength
One board per week is checked according to IPC standard.

 Tape test
The adhesion of solder mask, legend print, special prints and gold according to IPC standard.

 Solder ability
The board is soldered using a normal wave soldering machine and the severability is assessed.

 Solder sample
Always bipacked, with the exception of when there are no plated holes or no boards to be spared for a test that renders the board unusable.

 Micro sectioning
Out of every production day one board is micro sectioned to check  the general hole quality and the thickness of copper plating, solder mask, gold plating and carbon print. We also check  the thickness, width and general appearance of the conductors. all this is done to control  the general performance of the production.

 ROHS test
All batches are analyzed for lead content.

 Bow and twist
Controlled to be within limits.

 Base material Controlled.

 V-Cut Depth and registration.