About us


About us

PCB Baltic is PCBs supplier located in Lithuania. We are full range supplier from prototypes to big volumes and we cover the fields of standard rigid PCB, flex, rigid-flex aluminum and HDI printed circuit boards.

Our company policy is that all PCB's which we produce should be approved by us, before shipping to the customer. This is the way, how we can guarantee our quality, because we know the value of the trust.

PCB Baltic and our Shenzhen office works in same database, this means global access to data, history, business, statistics and logistics systems - it means quick reaction.

We are always able to help for our customers to solve all issues and make the customer satisfied. 

Focus on small-medium series

We offer optimal service package to our customers and we are doing internal audit of all our suppliers factories once a year.

Fast reaction to RFQ and excellent service gives to our customers big advantages

PCB Baltic experienced engineers will be prepare GERBERS files for manufacturing

Before starting production, we analyzing Gerber data and giving recommendations to customers for adjustments.

PCB Baltic established quality and logistic centers in Shenzhen & Vilnius

We are checking every batch before shipping PCB‘s to our customers

PCB Baltic big purchasing power and consolidated freights leads to benefit through competitive prices

Our prototypes exclusivity is high quality and fast production time. Customers trust in us, from many sectors: Medical, Military, Aero, Industrial / PC, Telecom.

Many customers would like to receive PCBs in faster than usually, so we can offer quick service for them with very competitive prices and for us is always pleasure to see that the customer is satisfied.
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