Through vias  
Blind vias  
BLIND VIA - Min. hole 0,1 mm
BLIND VIA - Min. outerlayer pad 0,3 mm
BLIND VIA - Min. innerlayer pad 0,3 mm
BLIND VIA - Aspect ratio (hole depth : hole diameter) 1:1
BLIND VIA - Filled Non conductive resin
Buried vias  
Stacked vias  
Staggered vias  
Plugged vias  

Blind vias
Min. drilled hole = A = 0,1mm
Min. outerlayer pad  = B = 0,3mm
Min. innerlayer pad  = C = 0,3mm
Aspect ratio = D:A = 1:1

Combination of hidden and blind vias
If blind and hidden vias are present as a combination, please contact PCB Baltic to get the current capability, since other properties of the pcb can affect final suggestions.

Filled blind vias
If blind vias are located in SMD pads, we can provide filled blind vias to get a flat surface. This would help to make the layout more compact and to use a BGA solderpad as a via pad for routing signal to inner layer.

Stacked vias
If via size is small and not possible to drill thicker dielectric through, stacked vias can be uesed (microvia stacked on microvia).

Staggered vias
Staggered vias = stacked vias with offset center